Five Engagement Models

We  realise that not all businesses are looking for the same level of engagement. Some may simply be looking for insight into CX and its value, others looking to formally upskill the team, where as the more mature CX managed businesses will be looking for necxus to deep dive into their organisation and help develop a detailed CX strategy roadmap.


Whatever your need, NECXUS has you covered.



We are passionate about exceptional customer experience and the impact it has on businesses, which is why we regularly write and speak about this topic. If we had a dollar for every question we get asked about innovation, human centred design and the subsequent tools we use to facilitate transformation, we would be well on our way of becoming millionaires. Our most favourite question is: “Why should I care about CX?” Well, let’s begin.

Tools and Approach

  • CX Maturity Test

  • Quizzes

  • Webinars

  • White papers

  • Case Studies

  • Blogs

  • Articles

  • Social Media Shares

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost”


- Jerry Gregoire, Dell


Education is transformational for so many reasons but one that we like to emphasise is the lasting impact it can have on your company’s culture. Empathy, open mindedness and the sense of purpose have been shown to elevate the ability of employees to better connect with and troubleshoot for customers. This naturally has an impact on your bottom line and your NPS.


Our workshops, coaching and mentoring programs empower your leaders and teams to upskill and foster a culture of innovation and customer centricity.  It’s how you create lasting change and increase the adoption of new technologies and ways of working.


Tools and Approach

  • Lunch and Learn sessions

  • CX Workshops

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Self serve online courses



Through our immersive activities such as longer form workshops, hackathons and ’on site’ mentoring sessions, we are ready to deep dive with your leaders and teams into the problems on hand. We use cx design tools to arrive at solutions that your teams could implement.


These sessions not only foster greater collaboration amongst your teams but also assist with culture building and behavioural adoption of company values. All in the name of improved customer experience and connection building.


Our creative, strategic and brave approach enables everyone to have a ‘voice’ and releases the tendency to judge as to facilitate true open discussions that are often challenging to be had.

Tools and Approach

  • Training and Development via 2-3 day workshops

  • Hackathon assistance, planning and facilitating

  • Online Training (facilitator component inclusive; i.e. webinars with online training)​



We know businesses struggle to keep up with the changing demands of savvy 21st century customers. Innovating and optimising is no longer enough – transforming customer experiences is the next frontier, which is where we come in.


We future-proof your brand growth by solving real human problems with a start-up like agility, creativity and speed.

Tools and Approach

  • Business Case building

  • Consultancy, program  development and delivery

We cross examine the customer experience today and develop strategies that focus on value creation, removing unnecessary costs from your business and improve your NPS. We work collaboratively with your leaders and teams to recommend the best approach and facilitate the implementation of the final solution. We are with you every step of the way – from concept to delivery.

NECXUS ulitises a four step consultancy approach

Leveraging off  decades of experience, necxus utilises the principles of design thinking, innovation and human centred design to develop and implement your CX strategy. Working through four distinct phases, we move from the  initial empathy driven discovery work, through collaborative ideation, through to the CX strategy recommendation and successful implementation.



We know that most businesses are not organised around their customers. Implementing a robust CX strategy can and often will open doors to further change within organisations. We believe that continuous improvement especially in areas that include post purchase tasks such as fulfilment have been known to be slow to change. 


Necxus supports you in the consistent reassessment of your CX performance. We are passionate about high adoption rates and through our audits and health checks we are able to asses whether your practices are moving with the continuously changing consumer behaviour.

Tools and Approach

  • Health Checks

  • CX maturity measurement

  • Growth KPIs

  • Transformation programs